Behalf is a cash flow platform that facilitates payments between B2B buyers and sellers. Customers can send payment on their Behalf today, then enjoy a flexible payment schedule with up to six months of extra time. Vendors accepting payments on their customer’s Behalf get paid immediately1 – regardless of which payment plan their customer chooses. Both buyer and seller are subject to approval prior to payment transmission.

If you sell to businesses, learn how accepting Behalf can increase sales

Learn more about sending vendors payment on your Behalf: Paying With Behalf

Interested in getting terms on every invoice? Here’s how it works:

  • Behalf pays your vendors directly so you get your goods and services fast.
  • We only charge fees when you take advantage of financing. There are no fees to sign-up or maintain your account and many purchases are eligible for interest free terms.
  • We draw your repayments from your bank account on the schedule you set. We help you stay on track so finance fees can’t pile up.
  • As you make more purchases with Behalf, we often improve your terms and increase your purchasing power.
  • We report your on time payments to the business credit bureaus. So, using Behalf instead of cash helps build business credit.